Do you feel lost? Not know where to start? Wanna learn how to grow your net worth from a woman millionaire whose done it?

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Forbes Riley is a celebrity TV host, author, motivational speaker and has done $2.5 BILLION dollars in sales and a “mindset” expert. AND Forbes will be a featured speaker at WREN’s Ignite Your Fire Within.  

Are you tired of going to conferences and not being able to really connect with the experts that are teaching from the stage?
Ignite Your Fire Within is a no sales pitch, no fluff event for women real estate investors! It’s authentic conversations, with Forbes and others like her.  At Ignite you will get new strategies that will help you build wealth and a support system in everything you do. You will make valuable connections, get priceless knowledge and real-life real estate hacks you need to succeed in business. 


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Are you ready to elevate your game?

This conference is uniquely positioned as an investor-centric event that also places an emphasis on networking. We also offer educational sessions that are organized to help attendees get laser focused on specific areas of their real estate business.

Tons of reliable resources, investors, lenders, contractors, brokers and other SECRETS that you will discover at “Ignite Your Fire Within.”  Unlike other events YOU have the opportunity to talk with these experts directlyso ask them yourself on Oct 10-11, 2020.

Grab your Ticket before it’s too late.

Last year we sold out!


Conference Schedule


8:00 am

Get Registered, visit our exhibitor booths and buy raffle tickets for our drawings – Let the fun begin!

9:00 am

WELCOME, Deborah Razo, Founder

9:30 am

Introducing WREN Chapter Leaders.
Meet our leaders and find out about their areas of expertise and the special magic they bring to their WREN meetings. Andrea Arciga, Cortney Jones, Desiree Doubrox, Jennifer Maldonado, Lorraine Beato, Rochelle Boyer and Sarah Wilson. Deborah Razo (Moderator)

11:00 am

Forbes is a celebrity TV host, author, motivational speaker and has done $2.5 BILLION dollars in sales find out how. Forbes was voted one of the "Top 20 Most inspiring People on Television" through her roles as a sought-after spokesperson, broadcast journalist and Success/Results Coach to celebrities, sales teams & CEOs. She will be speaking on “Permission to Achieve your Personal Greatness”. Gaining confidence mastering your own personal message and having the courage to get out there and do it both personally and professionally.

12:00 pm

All of our weekend speakers AND… Jasmine Willois (Non-Performing Notes), Terri Garner (Storage Unit Investor), Maria Anderson, (Developer), Ellie Pearlman (Apartment Syndicator), Kathryn Morea (Short Term Rental Specialist) and Paige Panzarello (Non-performing Notes).

12:30 pm

LUNCH – “’ASK AN EXPERT” Hosted lunch.
Connect with speakers and instructors outside of class time in a small group/round table setting to ask questions that are particular to your business and interests.

2:00 pm

Instruction Begins - let’s start with a raffle!

2:15 pm

Christina Suter, Your Real Estate Blueprint.
Designing your portfolio from the top down. Not every real estate investment is right for everybody. Maybe it doesn't meet your lifestyle or retirement goals. Choosing from a large field of investments can be confusing and overwhelming. Christina will teach you exactly what you need to know to understand the right strategic plan for you and your next steps in investing.

2:45 pm

Marijo Wilson, WHOLESALE: No credit, No money, NO PROBLEM!
Everyone should be able to qualify to do wholesale real estate deals! It is totally possible to get into real estate investing with no money and no credit.  I know your Mom and Dad taught "if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is" and this is definitely an exception to that Sacred Cow.  Wholesale is one of the four basic exit strategies we use in real estate investing.  We will explore when and in what areas to use this strategy.  You will be given a "new last name" to use as a wholesale investor and the paperwork needed will be discussed.  We will define just what the words WHOLESALE DEAL means that will help to clarify the step-by-step process

4:15 pm

Iris Veneracion, Find, Fix and Flip.
Iris has flipped several hundred homes in the SoCal market and she will share the fundamentals of knowing your numbers. Hands on learning of the important terms such as ARV, MAO, & how to calculate basic rehab costs. Before you can count your profits you need to ensure you are buying at the right price. When you are confident with your numbers, you will confidently succeed in your flips!

5:30 pm


5:30 pm - 7:00 pm



WREN VIP Speaker Dinner


8:00 am

WREN Member & VIPs Breakfast (Coffee, Tea & Danish)
A time for only WREN Members to connect, learn and be pampered.

8:30 am


9:00 am

WELCOME BACK Deborah Razo, Founder

9:15 am

WREN Ladies Who’ve Launched Panel.
Meet WREN women who have stepped out of thier comfort zone and advanced in real estate. Hear how they have utilized thier network at WREN to help navigate progress. Iris Veneracion (Moderator)

10:00 am

Mercedes Torres, Buy and Hold Cashflow.
In her very first two years in the world of Real Estate, Mercedes flipped 24 properties. Now, she has 2000+ real estate transactions in 10 different markets to her name. She’s appeared on the A&E show Flip That House, graduated from UCLA — and is currently divulging all her life’s lessons on how to run the numbers and invest in cashflowing properties.

11:00 am

Vicky Schettini, Creative Deal Structure.
Learn how to make Investments in Real Estate with (OPM) Other People Money &/or (OPP) Other Peoples Property. Learn about the method she used that took her from homeless, living in the back of her car to owning over 100 houses, apartments and Commercial properties in less than 3 years.

12:00 pm

Chimene Van Gundy, Mobile Home Investing
Known as the "The Mobile Home Millionaire" and “Queen of Mobile Homes” because she has fixed, flipped, and wholesaled more than 400 units to date in four years and in 11 states. Learn the secrets to this lucrative industry.

12:45 pm

ATTENDEES LUNCH – Time to network more with each other

12:45 pm

WREN VIP Lunch & Learn
Presenter Kaaren Hall from uDirect Introducing Jennie Steed. wealth strategist. Jennie has a unique ability to teach people how they can create their goals and dreams with“out of the box” thinking. Listen to a financial solution proven to reduce risk, increase growth, minimize taxes, and put you in the driver’s seat of your wealth.

2:15 pm

Where’s The Money
Introducing a panel of women that will connect you with the kind of money you need to move forward in your real estate deals. Caeli Ridge -Ridge Lending, Karen More -TrillionCapital, Kaaren Hall -uDirect, Jennifer Maldonado - Raising Private Capital (Moderator)

3:30 pm

Kathy Fettke, Economic Forecast and A Wealth of Resources
Kathy is passionate about teaching others how to create “real wealth,” which she defines as having both the time and the money to live life on your terms. With a passion for researching real estate market cycles, Kathy is a frequent guest expert on CNN, CNBC, Fox, Bloomberg, NPR, CBS MarketWatch and the Wall Street Journal. She was also named among the “Top 100 Most Intriguing Entrepreneurs” by Goldman Sachs two years in a row.

4:30 pm

Deborah Razo, Next Steps.
Visualize how to make your real estate goals happen and learn essential tools you need to achieve them.

5:30 pm

Conclusion and Drawing for Tony Robbins Event!

Experience 2-days of
education, laughter and sisterhood!

As it turns out, the people you surround yourself with and the information they share can be the difference between losing money and making hundreds of thousands of dollars (if not millions).

When you put yourself in the same space as successful entrepreneurs and real estate investors you have a greater chance of becoming like them. So, how do women innovators and revolutionaries in real estate make their business go further faster?

Meet real estate women rockstars to ask questions and seek guidance

Learn about where to get deals, flipping, developing land, commercial and private lending, investing in storage units, structuring a deal, notes, wholesaling and more…

Put together a power team with our partners and service providers and referral network

Networking party (food, fun and prizes!)


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Rockstar Women Live & In Person OCT 10th & 11th

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